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rftanglao18 by rftanglao18 @
Kudos to the team of Joshua Tree for creating this fantastic DSD Online Course! It was a great platform to learn and explore the foundation of staff development. I learned a lot and will surely be applying this to my endeavor. Thank you for this tool and I highly recommend this training program to all aspiring DSD!
marichu by marichu @
The course is very informative and easy to understand. It will truly help me in my dsd work.
Alisha by Alisha @
This course was easy to access and I like that you can work at your own pace. The information that was given will not only help in the roll of DSD but the overall knowledge to ensure the safety of the staff and residents are the top priority.

timcasper by timcasper @
This course is really well written and easy to navigate and was enjoyable that I was able to utilize the course on my phone as well. I feel like I have learned a lot and will be able to bring a lot of success to my facility moving forward in this new position.
HSHultz by HSHultz @
This course is well organized the objectives were clearly stated and the best part is you can complete it on your own time.  Thank You for all the support and fast replies.
pradoluz by pradoluz @
This course was very informative and straightforward. I liked that you are given enough time to complete the course based upon your schedule as opposed to having to go through everything all at once.
TL by TL @
This online class was very informative and easy to follow for the adult learner.  I will highly recommend
lasharam by lasharam @
The class was very informative and straight forward. The information presented was well written. The links were very helpful in completing mandatory assignments. Thank you for having this class. Very appreciative of price and ease of access.
Rigoberto Calderon by Rigoberto Calderon @
The class was very informative and straight forward. I loved the convenience of doing it at my own pace. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and wants to become a DSD.  
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